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2013 - Ambergris
Speed of sound

The start of a new period ?

This is the first solo CD from Native American Rock legend Pat Vegas of famed group Redbone! In this work you can see Pat's expertise in production and where the Redbone feel really came from.

All Pats own original material is inspired by life and love and music.

The Ambergris cover

This album presents interesting music, great songs and specific moods. I like the quiet feel that comes from it. Our favorite singer is in great form, always charming us with his unique voice. In theory the title of this CD is Speed of Sound, Ambergris being the name of Pat's new band.

Pat wrote almost evrything here (participations of PJ Vegas on "you know my name", Acela Cortese on "out of your head" and Frankie Vegas on "chance to have it all"). Pat also played almost all instruments on this album. He explains that even if he is still Redbone and always will be, he chose the name of Ambergris on this CD in tribute for his grandfather: "Ambergris was my grandfathers name when he played in Louisiana".

Don't miss this new opus from one of our most interesting singer and composer. Even if I would have liked one or two more funky-rocky Redbone style compositions. Maybe on the next CD ?

The songs

You Know My Name
Day Dream Fascination
We Hit the Ground Runnin
Birds On the Wire
Easy for You to Say
Out of Your Head
Jack the Ripper
Chance to Have It All

Pat Vegas live in 2013

The Production

Producer: Pat Vegas
Engineer: David Goldstein
All songs published by: Bassline Ent.
CD Graphics: Acela Cortese

Recorded at Sparks Studios, Burbank, California

Some recent pictures

Pat and the new Redbone band in 2013

Pat Vegas and Acela Bella before a radioshow (Chance to Have it All Show)

Pat Vegas on bass guitar in 2014

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