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2017 - Buffalo Bluz

A new and refreshing recording by Pat Vegas

This is something rare. Pat Vegas gives a superb demonstration of his deepest inspirations, a collection of strong songs, some new compositions and a few reinterpretations of older ones. The reinterpretations are like refreshing something we thought we knew in an other dimension.
For some songs it can seem disturbing at first listen but after a few tries you start to see where the magic comes from.
Pat Vegas returns with a strong new album. If you are fan of Redbone you will definitely like this new release. It is refreshing to hear new music from Pat.

I enjoyed listening to most of the songs in this collection and have to give it a few more listenings. But I can already say that Humpty Dumpty, CC Rider, Thorns over Rose and The Pessimist are amongst my favorites. You can listen extracts on the iTunes site (see the link on the left). Pat told me once that he was now trying to search the essence of the Redbone songs. It seems he has found some of that here.

Buffalo Bluz front cover

The songs

Witch Queen of New Orleans
Humpty Dumpty
CC Rider
Caterpillar Bluz
Someday Today
Standing Rock (Love Will Find a Way)
Buffalo Bluz
Thorns over Rose
The Pessimist
I Wish I Could
Riding High

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