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2005 - Peacepipe

The last studio album of the period

It's a real pleasure to find the voice of Pat again on a recent production. This is great stuff. Very good songs. Powerfull, perfectly played with superb vocal harmonies. I wonder if Pat played all instruments apart from guitars (played by Lolly) as no other musicians are credited here. This CD first came out under the name “One World” with another cover. It's now easy to find and buy.

This sounds as if it had been recorded after the "Beaded Dream" album. Great violin arrangements, good equilibrium between soft and rock songs. A real great album. We can now hope there will be a follow-up.

The production, due to famous bass player, Bunny Brunel, is excellent. A very good surprise for the start of the century. We all hope it's just a beginning.

Peacepipe front cover

The songs

Beverly Bld Blues
I am Somebody
One World
It's a Brand new day
Love is Magic
Custer had it comin'
Mystery man
Bad Boys
The Best for You

Peacepipe back cover

The Band Members

Lolly Vegas: guitar
Pat Vegas: vocals, bass
Tony Bellamy : guitars

Previous cover of this album (then named One World)

One World front cover
One World back cover


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