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The story of a great native american band

Redbone's story is interesting from more then one point of view. The band itself of course, who had a great career, with ups and downs. The fact that the musicians were all native americans from different origins (Cherokee, Yaquis, Apaches and Shoshones...). Their political implication and the fact their were censored that shows a very interesting political and social background of the US nation. All this plus the fact that they produced a unique, powerfull and soulfull music !

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Lolly, Pat, Pete and Tony in 1971

The name Redbone itself is a Cajun term for a mixed-race person ("half-breed"), the band's members being of mixed blood ancestry. The band referenced Cajun and New Orleans culture many times in their lyrics and performing style (Crazy Cajun Cakewalk Band, Maggie, The witch queen of new orleans, Poison Ivy...). They also often developed a mystic and religious inspiration, mixing indian (Chant : 13th Hour, Niji Trance, Liquid Truth...) and christian cultures (Good Enough for Jesus, Judgement day...).