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Come and Get Your Love, 2020 video clip

A very adventurous and innovative animation clip for this 1973 song. We hope this will help a new generation to discover this unique band. Check it, have fun and share…

An image from the new clip, created by an Emmy-nominated director, Juan Bedolla, and an award-winning Native artist, Brent Learned.

They are now lots of Redbone videos on the net to see

The best site to have a view of the scale of propositions offer to watch is the Redbone-Europ YouTube page. Sandra van der Maaden and her friends are constantly adding new gemms here. Interviews, concerts (recent and old), documentaries and reports… everything to help you get into the band.

The Redbone-Europe banner

A superb video in High Quality

If you never saw the band live this is the perfect starter. Don't miss it!
This video is of DVD quality. With the permission of Pat, I wanted to share it with all Redbone fans. The file is 122 Mo heavy but it's definitely worth a download if you are a fan of the band. It consists of only one song, one of my personal favourites, "The witch queen of New-Orleans". It's only 3'15 long but it's a high quality video from a german TV broadcast in 1971.

Download it

You can watch the video on your computer, but these are often best heard through slightly more substantial systems, after all you need some good speakers to truly appreciate the power of Redbone.
I've also included the video for Wounded Knee and Come and Get Your Love.
At the bottom here, you can also find some great pictures of the band in action.

And a little selection of some of my favorite on the net

Wounded Knee, live in 1973

Come and get your love, live in 1974

Fais-Do, live in 1972