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June 2020: A new clip for their greatest hit:
come and get your love

Legacy Recordings, the catalog division of Sony Music Entertainment, has released a new music video for "Come and Get Your Love," pulling in an Emmy-nominated director, Juan Bedolla, and an award-winning Native artist, Brent Learned, to create the visuals. This animated clip, fresh, young and sophisticated, delivers a new message of proudness and beauty, and gives this song a new dimension. You can check it here:
Come And Get Your Love - 2020

A unique and innovative band of Native Americans
became hit makers in the early seventies

Redbone is a rock band that was formed in Los Angeles in 1969 by two Native American brothers, Pat and Lolly Vegas. Two other Native Americans joined them, Tony Bellamy on rhythm guitar and Pete DePoe on drums. They produced several hit songs including Maggy, The Witch Queen Of New Orleans and Come And Get Your Love, the latter making a comeback as a featured track in the 2014 movie, Guardians Of The Galaxy.

August 2020: Soon coming out in the States:
a graphic novel presenting the story of Redbone.

Written by Christian Staebler (webmaster of this site) and Sonia Paoloni, and illustrated by Thibault Balahy, this 120 pages book is published by IDW (in english and spanish) in october 2020.
Go to the Book page to get more infos and extracts.

The cover of the graphic novel.

Redbone on french TV.

A superb french TV ad was on screen in the end of 2018. 100 seconds of Come and Get Your Love.

The beginning of the advertisement.


The other book every fan should read:
King Kong Pete: Redbone and Beyond

Pete's book cover.

Pete De Poe and Jim Hoffman are visiting a whole life. Pete De Poe goes through all his memories, from his childhood to today with his actual life on the reservation. Of course he share lots of stories with his favorite band, Redbone. He also shares thoughts about life, culture, music and passion. A great man who let us step into his own world. You can order it here.
If you want to know more about the book go to this page.

The book every fan should read:
Come and Get Your Love - A Celebratory Ode to Redbone

Pat's book cover.

Pat Vegas and Jim Hoffman are digging into the past to reveal the story of one of the greatest rock bands ever. It is the story of two young guys moving to the city and creating a new musical style. There are lots of details, facts and memories written in this book of over 200 pages. You can order it here.
If you want to know more about the book go to this page.

March 2017 : Beaded Dreams Through Turquoise Eyes with 6 bonus tracks

(Beaded Dreams Through) Turquoise Eyes is a classic Redbone album. It has been re-released with 6 additional wonderful tracks.You can download it here.
Two of these were released as singles in the seventies, and the others were lost in the vault. Discover more about this here.

January 2017 : Buffalo BLUZ, a new CD from Pat Vegas

Buffalo BLUZ will be available on CD coming soon. Download today here...
Learn more about this excellent recording here.

Help Redbone get into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is proposing this petition and needs all your votes :
"This letter is imploring the powers that be to consider the induction of one of rock’s greatest pioneers as the first Native American band (with Mexican roots), creators of a new genre, Native American Swamp Rock, and heavy influencers of many contemporary and descendant acts . . . Redbone: Lolly Vegas, Pat Vegas, Tony Bellamy, Peter DePoe, Arturo Perez and Butch Rillera. Where would rock ‘n’ roll be today without the Tribal Elders of Rock?”

The band performing live.

A living band in the XXIst century

Pete DePoe shares some memories with us here. Redbone is still active and has produced two new CDs between 2000 and 2010, one with covers of their past standards and one with new compositions. Pat also produced a solo album in 2012.

Pat's interview for his 75th birthday is here.